The projects within smart³ are characterised by cooperation across specialist boundaries. Interdisciplinarity is an elementary component of the work within the innovation network. Engineers and materials scientists, designers and artists, social scientists and economists, entrepreneurs and technicians work together on the breakthrough of commercial products and processes based on smart materials.

smart³ thus ensures that problems and solutions are viewed as holistically as possible, that current technical, social and societal developments are taken into account and that the results of research activities are geared to the needs of users.

At the same time, the high level of interdisciplinarity within smart³ enables a fruitful exchange of knowledge. This includes knowledge of materials, application cases and application scenarios as well as the exchange of methodological knowledge, creativity techniques and various problem-solving methods.

Smart³ is based on a three-pillar concept for the pursuit of objectives - in addition to the promotion of technology and technology, projects in the areas of Interdisciplinarity & Networking as well as Visibility & Acceptance are initiated and promoted. This ensures that interdisciplinary cooperation within the network is promoted in the best possible way. Furthermore, it is the declared aim of smart³ to make the materials and their properties known to the public. This is guaranteed by project funding in Pillar III - Visibility & Acceptance.