In the smart³ innovation network, experts from a wide range of disciplines contribute their specific know-how to interdisciplinary project work. Different topics and industries are addressed. The different approaches of the respective discipline require a strong exchange about one's own way of working and own methods in order to create acceptance for the own way of working.


In this way, smart³ can draw on a wealth of experience in the knowledge transfer to different target groups. The resulting further training courses are available to network partners as well as external partners. The members of the network pass on their knowledge to interested parties in target group-specific workshops.

Material workshops and lectures offer interested parties and users insights into the potential and applications of smart materials. Which material is suitable for which application? What are possibilities but also limits of the materials? And are smart materials suitable for a particular industry? The depth of detail of the workshops and lectures is geared to the target group and ranges from the first overview to the concrete, application-oriented workshop on a defined problem case.

In the workshops and lectures on creative methods, the experts from the smart³ network provide opportunities for creative solutions to tasks and problems or for working in interdisciplinary teams. The focus is on the holistic consideration of the application case and the development of a user-specific solution.